By uploading Sound Recordings to “YouMusic.com” (the “Website”), You agree to the following terms and conditions between You and Youmusic Inc. (“YouMusic”).

You Grant a License to YouMusic

By uploading Sound Recordings, you grant YouMusic a revocable, world-wide, non-exclusive, perpetual license to any sound recording content You submit to YouMusic (the “Sound Recording License”). 

The License is Limited

The Sound Recording License is limited to YouMusic’s use of the sound recording content in connection with the operation of the Website, including without limitation the streaming, performance and/or publication of the sound recording content. 

The Sound Recording License does not permit YouMusic to distribute downloadable copies of the sound recording content except as otherwise expressly permitted by You.

You Promise You That You Have Sufficient Rights in the Sound Recordings

By uploading Sound Recordings, you represent to YouMusic that:

(i) you have sufficient rights in the Sound Recordings to grant YouMusic the rights contained in the above licenses; and

(ii) that YouMusic’s use of the sound Recordings, in accordance with the above licenses will not infringe any third party rights.

You Indemnify YouMusic

You are solely liable for all of the content of any uploaded Sound Recording, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless YouMusic for any damages or actions arising out of uploaded Sound Recording.

YouMusic May Reject or Remove Your Uploaded Sound Recording

YouMusic is not obligated to accept Your Sound Recording, and YouMusic may remove, delete, or otherwise deny access to previously uploaded Sound Recordings for any reason.  YouMusic will not be required to return to You copies of uploaded Sound Recordings for any reason.

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